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Enterprise Software to Transform Innovation Pipeline Management

The BrightFire App for Innovation Pipeline Management offers simple, fast-to-implement, industry-specific software and business practices to help clients transform their innovation processes and portfolios, and is powered by the Shibumi® technology platform.​

It offers a new way to align cross-functional innovation teams, execute phase-gate processes, define and track new product growth plans, prioritize portfolios, forecast resource demand,  and allocate resources, deployable in as few as 30 days.  

Develop Ideas

Get Cross-Functional Innovation Teams Aligned via a Digital "Project-on-a-Page"

A simple yet powerful project-on-a-page format gets cross-functional innovation teams aligned on the business objectives for the initiative, and focused on the value that will be created (the "why" of the initiative).

This standardized approach drives dialogue across business silos earlier in the project lifecycle. It also ensures executives have the essential information they require  in order to make more effective gate decisions.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 182248.png
Screenshot 2023-03-13 183014.png

A New, Simpler Phase-Gate Approach

Make it easy for teams to leverage phase-gate processes that are aligned with the real-world needs of their project. Provide process guardrails while maintaining flexibility, including the ability to skip phases when not required.

Simplify the creation and management of the information used to support gate and portfolio decisions. Track cross-functional project milestones, enabling coordination, accountability and visibility.

Execute Programs
Define Strategies

Define Innovation Growth Targets and Identify Gaps

Lay the foundation for your portfolio decisions by defining growth targets for revenue, profit and margin that are easily understood and maintained.

Rollup value forecasts across projects in the portfolio to compare against targets, and identify gaps. Provide an early-warning system to ensure general managers, CFOs and other business leaders are fully aware of portfolio progress.

Target vs. Plan5.png
Screenshot 2023-03-13 183300.png
Screenshot 2023-03-14 125338.png

Prioritize Your Product Portfolios 

Prioritization processes can now be conducted on a routine basis with robust, up-to-date portfolio data. Leadership teams can use Pareto analysis (the "80-20 rule") to identify the set of investments that offer the greatest value with the least amount of investment.

Incorporate both financial and human resource demand and capacity into your prioritization process, ensuring executives have the information they need to ensure your highest value projects have the resources they require.

Prioritize Portfolios

Forecast Resource Demand with Ease

In the past, one of the most difficult elements of any portfolio management process was the creation and maintenance of forecasted resource demands at the initiative level. The BrightFire App streamlines this by automatically creating demand plans in the click of a button.

With this robust data, business leaders now have a clear understanding of where resource demand exceeds capacity, and which low-priority projects need to be deferred in order to keep teams focused on what matters the most. 

Capacity vs Demand.png
Create Resource Demand Plans
Allocate Resources
Resource Allocation.png

Allocate Individual Resources to the Right Initiatives

Once initiatives have been prioritized and funded, functional managers must allocate individual resources to these efforts. Effective resource allocation ensures the right initiatives have the right resources, and that your resources are not overloaded.

The BrightFire App makes it easy to identify the resources with availability to meet a project's demand. Adding a resource to a project automatically updates unmet demand and availability. This streamlines the allocation process and ensure everyone is on the same page about the priorities for each resource in the pool.

Integrate to Other Enterprise Systems

The technology platform offers seamless workflows and data synchronization across common enterprise applications, enabling you to:

  • Extend the software platform by embedding dynamic third-party data and graphics

  • Sync business objects in planning, project and portfolio management tools to strategic initiatives

  • Easily build custom applications and deep integrations with REST-based APIs

Image by Shahadat Rahman
Logo that illustrates certification for "SOC 2 Type II"

Security, Risk and Compliance

Best practice technologies and processes to justify the trust of the most demanding global enterprises.

  • Protect sensitive data throughout the strategy execution process with AES 256 encryption and TLS 1.2 for data in transit

  • Control user access with SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On, strong password policies, granular access control, and full audit logs

  • Meet global standards with SOC 2 Type II Certification, and CSA Cloud Controls Matrix standards compliance

  • For more information, review our detailed security whitepaper

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