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Light your path to innovation and growth with BrightFire

BrightFire offers simple, fast-to-implement, industry-specific software and business practices to transform innovation pipeline management, product portfolio prioritization, and resource planning, deployable in as few as 30 days.

This enables CPG, food, process manufacturers and other diverse companies to quickly improve innovation decision-making, reduce risk, and more consistently achieve their strategic objectives and financial growth goals.

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Consistent Growth is a Consistent Challenge

The most critical business process in any company is the cross-functional work to deliver on innovation and growth plans.

But research shows most companies struggle—the success rates for strategic initiatives and new products are often no better than a coin flip! The result: leaders regularly fail to achieve their goals for long-term growth in revenue, profit, and volume.


of implemented

strategies fail to achieve their objectives. 


of new consumer products launched per year are failures.

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Why is Innovation Success so Hard?

Companies are already complicated. So are people.

So when a business process—like innovation—spans the org chart, these complexities are magnified due to inherent challenges in cross-functional coordination.

These cross-functional challenges exist at all levels of a company, from senior leadership teams to routine innovation teams.

And too often, these processes are only supported via manual, ad hoc tools.

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Too Often, Innovation Leaders Operate in the Dark

Because of these challenges, it is surprisingly difficult for business leaders to answer fundamental questions about their innovation and growth efforts. For example:

How will innovation help deliver on our strategic growth plan and meet shareholder commitments?

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Are my R&D resources focused on the highest-value opportunities? Do we have enough resources?

Will our new products achieve our profit goals? Do they address customer needs?

Are they differentiated?

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Are my plants ready for new/ changed products coming in the pipeline?

Too Often, Prioritization Doesn't Happen

The lack of good information at the senior executive level often leads to a lack of prioritization and a "just do it all" mindset. This creates stressed and over-burdened resources, unlikely to succeed.  

The Dream

Agreement on agenda, priorities, process

The Dream.png

The Reality

No common agenda, priorities, process

The Reality.png
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The BrightFire App for Innovation Pipeline Management

The BrightFire App for Innovation Pipeline Management offers simple, fast-to-implement, industry-specific software and business practices, deployable in as few as 30 days. It provides:

  • Process enablement. Right-sized, improved ways of working, mapped to real-world needs

  • 100% visibility of the innovation pipeline, enabling insights, cross-functional alignment, optimized decision-making

  • Simplicity. ‘Project-on-a-Page' and automated steps that streamline cross-functional work, save time, ease adoption

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Why it Matters:
Stay on Target for Growth

Cross-functional executive and operating teams must continually learn and make critical adjustments on the path to innovation success.

BrightFire’s solution automates this essential learning and adaptation process, enabling more predictable and consistent growth.


This is also how high-performing innovators achieve outcomes such as:


success rate

of new products

by up to



time to market

and time to value

by up to




from new products

by over


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Innovate Faster and Smarter with Simple, Trusted Software

BrightFire's solution, the BrightFire App for Innovation Pipeline Management, is powered by the Shibumi® technology platform.

For over twelve years, this simple yet powerful platform has been used by the world's most respected advisory firms to help clients automate digital and cost transformation processes.

BrightFire brings this proven platform to the innovation and product development market, offering a complete solution for portfolio governance and prioritization, idea and concept development, resource demand planning, and phase-gate execution.

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